Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some stuff-the IEP version

  • After an abrupt and semi-bullying meeting with the administration at Jakson's school last week regarding the shortened day we have him on, I sat down and composed an email to his teacher and the admin explaining our reasons for the decision (again). Basically, I told them that I understood it was not what the admin recommended, but we were doing it anyway. I asked the teacher to let me know if he falls behind (ha ha) and we will readdress the shortened day if that problem should arise.

  • Then I didn't sleep for a couple of nights.

  • Knowing his IEP was coming up and afraid the short day was going to be discussed again, I called an educational advocate here in town to get some advice. Per her suggestion, I spent Thursday and Friday rounding up letters from his pediatrician and various therapists supporting our decision to keep him on a shortened day to give to the school.

  • Another sleepless night came on Friday because Saturday was our first Bountiful Basket pick up. I was so afraid that it wasn't going to go smoothly. My biggest fear was that the truck wouldn't show up on time (or at all). I seriously laid awake for hours thinking of all of the worst case scenarios.
  • I should not have worried-everything went perfectly and without a hitch. The produce was fantastic quality (dare I say, even better than Utah) and it was fun getting to know the volunteers who came to help out. I'm even more excited about doing this now that we've had one successful week!
Photo from my friend Cathy of her BB produce.

  • Finally! I got one good night of sleep!
  • Jakson's IEP (ARD) meeting was Monday. I was so nervous that I didn't sleep Sunday night at all. All morning, I felt like I was going to vomit. Thankfully, Zak and I had a moment in the parking lot before we went into the school to say a prayer together and ask God to lead us. I felt impressed to put away my therapist/pediatrician letters and not bring up the subject at all. By the time we reached the doors to the classroom, I was feeling calm and the meeting went surprisingly well. They did not mention the shortened day schedule and neither did we. Thank goodness for that email I had written the week before and the prayer said in the car.

  • Sleep!

  • Since the more pressing matters were taken care of, Storey and I went and rounded up all of the supplies for her pink owl costume. Jakson is still undecided about Halloween this year. He thinks he might want some candy, but possibly not enough to dress up for it. Right now, he's tossing around the idea of dressing as an astronaut. Of course, one of the most difficult costumes to make. I really have no idea where to even begin. An upside down fish bowl? I am trying to convince him otherwise. Bill Nye (or Bill Bob as he is referred to around these parts) the Science Guy would be so much cooler. And easier to diy. Lab coat, safety goggles, red bow tie, done.


West Family said...

I am not sure if they would still have them, but I do recall seeing astronaut costumes at Costco...
Hope everything gets to the point where you actually get sleep!

*katie said...

I'm so glad the meeting went well for you guys!

Beth Ann said...

So glad the meeting went well! Good luck on the astronaut, maybe you could get a blue jumpsuit, pin a NASA logo on it and tell him he's an astronaut going to a press conference?

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Sleep is a beautiful thing. I love it when prayer brings immediate peace.

Christina said...

If it helps we were space police last year ... ... I think the pattern was McCall. Basically just a gray jumpsuit with patches.

Glad the meeting went well.

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