Saturday, September 03, 2011

Like, gag me with a spoon.


Storey and I have been spending a lot of quality one on one time now that Jakson is in school every day. And truth be told, our time together has taught me that she is even crazier than I previously suspected.

Here is a sampling of the conversations I've been having with her....

Scene: Driving to the store/running errands.
Storey: Mommy, I have a magic wand. I am going to turn you into Baff (Beth). Waves her tin foil Daddy-made wand. Now you are Baff.
Me: Mmm hmm.
Storey: Baff, I'm going to give you a black computer. Baff, what will you do with the black computer? Baff, now I'm going to give you a cack-cack (backpack). You are going to school Baff.
Me: Okay.
Storey: Baff, I'm going to wave my wand and you'll be Mommy again. Waves her wand. Hi Mommy!!

Scene: Walking out of her first day of preschool.
Me: Storey, did you like school today? What was your favorite part?
Storey: I like school, but I did not learn ANYTHING!

Scene: Helping her change into pajamas for her nap after school (she insists on wearing pj's at naptime)
Me: Since you didn't learn anything today, what did you do at school?
Storey: We aren't supposed to put our fingers in the cage with Skeeter (the class guinea pig). He will bite your finger because he thinks it's a carrot. So leave him alone. Don't get close to the cage. He's asleep. Leave him alone. LEAVE.HIM.ALONE!!!

Scene: Getting dressed in the morning.
Me: Storey, how about this shirt? It's got some pink on it.
Me: Okay, why don't you wear this pretty dress?
Storey: That's from Old Navy and I don't like Old Navy.

What??? Next she'll be banning girls from the bathroom because they aren't wearing Osh Kosh B'Gosh (True story. I never was part of the cool kids club. Even in kindergarten.).


*katie said...

Oh my goodness you have your hands full with that girl! Good times!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Funny girl :)

Beth Ann said...

That is hilarious. How can she not like Old Navy though? Can you please inform her that Old Navy is "the bomb-diggity, yo"? I'm sure that phrase will come up in an awesome manner. My gift to you.

Shenna said...

Made me laugh. A lot. She sounds like someone who always has something awesome to say.

Steve said...

Thanks for making us smile. Boy, do we miss that little munchkin. The attitude is definitely a Vermillion trait, but after visiting with your parents, I think there is a lot of 'Baff' in that girl. We miss you guys.

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