Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jak's Room

For fun and documentation's sake, I took a few photos of Jakson's new room. All it's missing is a big poster of the human body, then it will include all of his current obsessions (not pictured are the glow in the dark planets on the ceiling that Grandma gave him).




Just in case you're wondering:
  • clipboards: DownEast Outfitters Clearance Outlet in West Valley City (best kept Salt Lake Valley secret)-they are originally from Pottery Barn Kids, but I only paid $3 each.
  • I Am A Child of God print: Persimmon and Pink
  • dinosaur flash cards: thrifted (from a book)
  • laminated Eeboo! maps: garage sale score, $1 each!
  • dinosaur alphabet print: Olives on a String
  • green bed: IKEA loft bed with the legs cut down (he kept breaking his teeth out. no, really). Spray painted green by popular request and ends covered in wrapping paper.
  • Number bedding: IKEA-discontinued


*katie said...

love it all! I really need to get some bed frames for my boys...they're beds are just sitting on the floor...

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