Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jakson's Letter

One person we are really missing (especially on Fridays) is Jakson's therapist, Erin. She was so wonderful and we feel like Jak benefited immensely from his therapy with her. In just one year his reciprocal speech, pretend play, and our handling of his behaviors had really improved. I also loved having someone to talk to who completely understood my circumstance. Erin really made me feel a lot less like I was a terrible, horrible parent and gave us practical ideas we could implement at home. Needless to say, Jakson is not the only one who misses our weekly sessions. I think every autism mom needs an Erin in her life.


Jakson has asked us numerous time since our move if we are "going to questions" (what he called therapy) to see Erin. It's so sad. Tonight I wrote her an email about Jakson's first week (which went swimmingly, by the way) and Jakson wanted to add a letter of his own. Getting him to talk is like pulling teeth (he won't tell us anything about school. Ever. It's slightly annoying), but he really wanted to compose a note. Warning: Jakson is incredibly random.

Dear Erin,
I'll come to your house someday. Come and fly on a plane to see us. I want to fly to Utah. My teacher is Mrs. Schneider. I love you. And I go to kindergarten. Ride a dinosaur for me. I play at the playground and I have a globe. I write my letters. Come to Houston and make a library fort with us.
Love, Jakson


Megan said...

HAHA!!! Oh man, real tears are flowing down my and Kiefer's face after reading his letter. Why is he so random but adorable at the same time. By the way, Melissa and Katy are going to be in Vegas next weekend and they want to set up a time to video chat with you guys. So be warned, there will be a lot of overstimulation for Jakson.

Christina said...

Very sweet!

White and Nerdy said...

Love that little man!!! You guys are awesome!

Remind me also, wearing a big white sheet/shirt while pregnant is not really 'hiding' the belly. D'oh

Love your blog. You are an amazing photographer and writer!

Princess Martha said...

He is too cute :)

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