Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The great outdoors

We had to be out of our rental about three days before we actually left UT, so after packing the van we stayed up at "The Cabin" (as it is referred to) in the Salt Lake area that Zak's family owns. Staying at The Cabin (something I will do) is different than camping (something I prefer not to do) because there is running water, a shower, and an indoor bathroom. It's also beautiful and up in the mountains, meaning it's about 15 degrees cooler during the summer than the Valley. Perfect. We spent a lot of weekends there the past couple of months.

Of course, the kids LOVE it. Lots of dirt, not a lot of rules, roasted marshmallows, open fields for running....every kids' dream.




Plus, it has the added perk of Grandma and Grandpa V. We will sorely miss them, especially since they will not be able to visit until the end of their mission (9 more months).

Now you know why I married Zak. For his cabin. Hey, he claims to have married me for my money (my amazing teacher's salary).


Megan said...

I L-O-V-E those pictures. The one with your dad and Storey is precious, as is the one with the two of them hugging. The pictures look amazing, by the way. I wish I could have been up there watching them play around. I miss you guys!

Jansen Family said...

Those pictures are gorgeous. I have to say, the mountains are one thing I really miss about Utah (the other big one would be family, of course!). What part of Texas are you coming to? We've been in Houston since 2007 and really love it!


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