Friday, July 01, 2011

Pick your battles.

During our drive to Vegas, I decided to tackle the Halloween question with the kids. Normally, I make the costumes and like a little bit of notice before October 31st if I have to come up with something elaborate.

Last year at some point, Jakson determined that princesses are extremely scary, which complicates things since Storey heard "costume" and immediately told me that she wants to dress got it, a pink princess. I am already anticipating the meltdown this will cause. She loves to bug her brother-do you suppose this is all part of her evil plan?

Jakson's always been a little wary of Halloween, but apparently he has decided to boycott the holiday entirely this year. He explained that he already finished Halloween and if I push the matter further, he just yells "nothing!" A typical response when he's done with a discussion. Even my suggestion to dress as a paleontologist was met with a negative reply. He doesn't even want to pass out candy.

Oh well. It's just a holiday. There are a lot worse things he could refuse to do. Like go to school, acknowledge his sister's existance, pee in a public bathroom.... Been there, done that. Glad we're over those stages. This one I can live with. He is a lesson in learning to pick battles.

Truth be told, I am going to try and convince Storey to be a pink owl like this one. That's a battle I might win.


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