Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home again, home again

We've been vacationing in Nevada and Arizona for the past 10 days without internet access most of the time (it was kind of nice!). We are now back in UT, surrounded by mounds of laundry and the smell of rotten potatoes (rotted while we were gone). Worst. smell. ever.

Fun times were had by all. Pictures to come.

Our last stop was Snowflake, AZ-the location of many summer memories as a kid. My grandmother still lives there, so we went to see her. I love it there.

My grandmother

Whenever I visit, I wonder what it would be like to live in a little town. Would I love it? Hate it? I know I like the idea of it, but the reality is probably much different. Only one grocery store in town, but no traffic. No Target, but local businesses that know you.... It would be interesting.

It's funny how driving is tiring. And I didn't even drive-I just rode and yelled at kids who were yelling at each other. Sound fun? It wasn't. I often wish that "Beam me up Scottie" actually did something. Especially on car rides with children. Someone needs to invent that. Along with the glass partition available in cars between the front and back seats I wrote about a couple of years ago. I'm telling you, these are money makers.

Back to real life (and lots of laundry) tomorrow.


Stephanie Johnson said...

Well Snowflake was the best place to grow up but I'm not sure I would like to be an adult there. I enjoy shopping and convenience of stores at lot living in Dallas now. I recognize your grandma. Glad your vacation was fun.... And I totally understand the pain of driving with kids. ;)

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