Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Storey wearing her brother's helmet backwards. She finds herself very amusing.

This past week I:
  • packed stuff. A lot of stuff.
  • sold Zak's commuter car (for more than we bought it for a year ago!)
  • spent hours looking at houses online
  • dealt with a number of moving-induced meltdowns and night terrors
  • purchased flights for three of us (while Zak drives the truck) because I would rather eat attic insulation than have to ride with the kids all the way to Houston by myself. Flying solo doesn't sound all that appealing either, but in this case I believe it to be the lesser of the two evils. Could I be wrong? Most definitely, yes. Ask me again in a week.
  • bought a bright pink suitcase covered in Dora and Boots for our flight to Houston ($2 at D.I.)
  • taught Storey the word "hideous" (see aforementioned Dora suitcase)
  • reserved a moving truck
  • talked with a couple of district offices and educational advocates about Jak/school. Got nowhere.
  • panicked about finding a house in time for school to start.
  • panicked some more that the timing of the move/lease/school/job will not work out.
  • set up last minute doctor/therapy appointments
  • took a much needed break to see Harry Potter and say goodbye to Cafe Rio
  • finished the second week of my Bountiful Basket volunteer site coordinator training
  • picked up a 16 lb box of peaches that we ordered before getting this job. Looks like we'll be canning this week. In our free time, of course.
  • panicked when our computer just.stopped.working.
  • made a very expensive semi-impulse buy: a new computer. We've been researching, saving, and talking about it for over a year, just never actually done it. Hey, I had to find a house online!! Hard to do without a computer.
  • suffered from buyer's remorse for about two days (without fail, this happens every time we make a big purchase).
  • sent my mom into the blistering heat with a realtor to look at a dozen houses, none of which had the air conditioning on.
  • witnessed the absolute worst meltdown Jakson has ever had. I can't wait until we settle down again and he's not feeling so anxious.
  • found these awesome calming drops on Abe's Market. I wish they were going to arrive before the flight next Tuesday.
  • rehearsed what will happen on the plane for Family Home Evening. Most repeated instructions? Don't kick the seat in front of you and no screaming on the plane.
  • found a house!! Sight unseen, but I trust my mother's opinion. So glad to have that done.
And because Storey has the worst timing of any child, she has decided that this is the week o' potty training. I believe in the method of potty training that requires no method. As in the kid is ready and does it their own dang self. I'm a sideline observer and an occasional cheerleader. Unfortunately, I have found her stripped down and sitting on the toilet numerous times recently. Though I'm not real keen on the timing, I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth. I may not believe in potty training methods, but I still firmly believing in a good bribe. So, I've promised to trade diapers for a princess bike helmet because this girl has been asking for a princess bike helmet for months and I aim to please.

I'll take that Mother of the Year Award now.


Sabrina said...

God bless you, Beth! I am just certain that in just a few weeks you will be gettin settled and rewarded with things falling into place. I will keep praying for a smooth transition and as much peace as possible. Can't wait for you to be back in Texas!

Joyce said...

So happy for you to be moving close to family. Sure works for Gina and me.

J, C, and E said...

We'll miss you like crazy here, and I only just found out you were so close. Still in the same town as our last school, please let me know if you need help!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, I think I got anxiety reading about all the stuff you had to do last week!! I still can't believe that you guys will be gone in a few days. I am so sad but happy at the same time. I know everything will work out better for you out in Houston. Good luck on the plane ride out there and if all fails bring some Melatonin or children's Benadryl to help!!!

Lori said...

You get mother, wife, and human of the year award after reading this post!! WOW! Glad you guys found a house!! I'm exhausted after this, though!

Heather Thomas said...

Congrats on the new job! What company will Zak be working for out in Houston?

Brittany said...

I don't know much about anxiety with kids and such but I wonder if you printed a bunch of pictures of your old house, rooms and friends to put in a book if it would help with moving? That way if he seems to be emotional about it you can try to distract him with memories/pictures. just a thought....

bethany said...

That's a funny story Heather. He's working for the same company you are.....again.

Beth Ann said...

Your story made me anxious just reading it! You are amazing, I would have melted down far closer to the beginning of your list. Good luck with the move and perhaps more importantly, transporting two children through the air.

Melissa said...

Oh Bethy, thanks for making me laugh multiple times have a way with words, don't you? I love how your personality comes across exactly how you are in person in your posts.

rawhide said...

yeah for moving and finding a house. i love texas!!! you are amazing. good luck next week.

Covey and Justin said...

Thinking about you and hoping the move went well. I know you got off to a really rough start!

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