Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why isn't there a Wiggles mural on more of my furniture?

After posting about the little doll bed makeover for Storey last week, a friend of mine suggested that I start painting things and reselling them. Always interested in ways to make a few extra bucks, I went the next day to the local thrift shop in search of the perfect item for a trial of her idea. And found this desk. A beaut, ain't it?

I know the poor little desk was passed up by other customers because frankly, it is hideous. But the trick when looking for something to re-do is to look beyond the colors/fantastically horrible Wiggles mural and decide if the lines are right. Try to picture the desk white. Would you like it then?

Why, yes. Yes, I would.
Unfortunately, it was at this point (the desk had been primed) that I gave up my original intention of selling and decided to keep it. Hey, a kindergartener to-be needs a special place to do homework, right? With Jakson's help, we decided on a green dinosaur desk.

Tuesday night, I finished up all of the spray painting and it was ready for the dinosaur decal. But like the total idiot perfectionist that I am, when I got up the next morning I decided that the inside of the lid (on the seat) needed to be painted as well. I should have left well enough alone because the overspray caused the paint from the day before to bubble, ruining the whole front of the desk. Epic fail. Trying to fix my mistake, I scraped off the paint that had bubbled and tried to paint over it only making it worse. I scraped that paint off, sanded it, and painted it again, but then the lid fell open leaving a huge mess where the paint was still wet. I was so so done and just wanted to throw the stupid thing across the yard. After calming down, I ended up sitting in the hot sun, scraping the paint off the entire front, sanding it down, and then left the rest for Zak to take care of. I counted that as my exercise for the day. I was sweaty and my arms are still sore. Sounds like a workout to me!

Thankfully, it was all worth it.

From beginning to end.

P.S.-I created a Facebook page with all of my before and after projects. Some have been posted on this here blog and some have not. I thought it'd be a fun way to keep track of my makeovers and maybe give other people ideas for things they can do with a can of spray paint. And if I ever don't fall in love with something I makeover, I'll post it on the page for sale. Check it out here.


Sabrina said...

You are amazing!! I have several garage sale/estate sale finds in a to-be painted pile. Wanna come have a girls weekend and paint stuff?? Would be super fun:)

Cerise said...

Yep, I would have run full speed past that desk, hoping that my 2 year old didn't catch a glimpse of it.
Now however I might have to slow down and remember this awesome little desk! Very cute!

Camille said...

Haha - I would have kept it too :) cute!

JP's MOM said...

I just spent the weekend redoing a laminate bookshelf with the whole had to scrape, prime, paint, etc issues.

Headache for sure, but well worth saving $$.

Great job, love the dino!

*katie said...

LOVE the re-do! Seriously hideous before!

rawhide said...

That looks awesome beth!!! nice work.

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