Friday, May 06, 2011


Jakson got an awesome (green-his favorite!) Razor scooter for his birthday, but we haven't been able to use it much because Utah's weather has issues (Snow in May? C'mon).

We purchased his scooter from CSN, though I was tempted at first to go with a cheaper version from Walmart. Then I realized that the less expensive Razor scooters don't have adjustable handle bars, making it really only appropriate for a couple of years. This scooter should last until Jak is a teenager (if scooters are still "in" that is). He also has a skateboard, but the scooter seems to be so much less frustrating to learn to ride. I assume that this is a great precursor to help him learn balance so that later he can "do jumps on the skateboard," something he often talks about. Hence, the helmet. This kid does not know the meaning of danger.

As always, working with CSN was great. Quick shipping, great customer service, and a fantastic product. Can't wait to see him ride it to kindergarten next year!

While Jakson was riding his scooter, Storey was busy pedaling her trike (she's tried the scooter a couple of times but doesn't seem to excel in coordination, just like her mom). She really takes her role as her preschool classes "Star of the Week" seriously. The paper hat has been donned literally every minute since I picked her up yesterday. She even asked to sleep in it (the answer was no). Storey is nothing if not dedicated.

Disclosure: CSN Stores provided me with the scooter to review. All portions of this review are 100% my opinion. Pictures don't lie people-obviously the kid loves it.


Megan said...

Awesome! I am loving Storey's "hat". Anything to be noticed, right?? Hahaha. I am glad that Jakson is enjoying his scooter.

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