Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Auntie Beth. That has a nice ring to it.

In a few minutes, we are off to meet my new niece Norah. I'm an aunt!

Since this is the kids first cousin, it's quite a special occasion. We've spent the last couple of days talking to them about meeting Norah and while Storey is excited, Jakson is just a little wary. He insists that Norah is not his cousin because she "is a baby" and says he doesn't want to hold her. Oh, Jakson. We hope he changes his mind once he sees how cute she is.

Storey and I went to pick out some flowers this morning for Norah and her mommy. She was disappointed not to find any pink ones, but settled on the happy daisies. After we got home, I realized I didn't have a vase and handing someone flowers in the hospital without a container isn't very nice. Because I didn't want an extra trip to the store, I used a crafty idea that's been floating around on the internet.A spray painted canning jar. I love how it turned out. I'll be making one for myself as well. It's amazing how creative people can be.

The kids drew pictures for Norah as well. Jakson's is a rainbow. I'm not sure what Storey's is because she kept changing her mind-at first it was a picture of Storey brushing her teeth and then it was a rainbow, so who really knows. Storey also insisted on writing her Aunt Suzy (Norah's mom) a letter. It reads (as dictated to me by Storey): Suzy, I want to play with you and Baby Norah. Can you paint my toenails someday? I want to brush my teeth. (at this point she also went off on a tangent about her bedtime routine-I want to read scriptures. I want to say prayers and go to sleep.-but I didn't write all that down. It was just too random) I love Baby Norah. -Storey

So I didn't have a chance to publish this before we went to the hospital. Baby Norah was very cute, Jakson was terrified, and Storey, well, she thinks that she is Norah's true mother. Thankfully Jak held it together and didn't vomit, although he looked pretty close a few times during the visit. We were trying to get him to see that Baby Norah was just a small person like him (seriously, he was ridiculously frightened) so took the blankets off to show him her toes and I think he dry heaved a little. For a minute, I thought he was going to pass out. It was drama. Who knew that baby toes would set him off? Needless to say, he spent the entire time keeping his distance.

Storey was totally in her element. She asked to wash her hands every time she wanted to hold Norah and was very gentle. I think she would have attempted to smuggle the new baby home with us if we would have turned our backs for too long.

Baby Norah, Mom Suzy, and Storey

Yay for cousins!


Megan said...

Love, love, love this post. I was on the phone with my mom when she told me that she was hanging up on me because the babies were coming to see Norah. I am totally jealous and am glad that Storey was totally in her element. I wondered how Jakson would do with everything and it seemed like he didn't do too bad even though he may have been a little freaked out. BTW, I am extremely jealous that you got to see and hold Norah but I can hold out for a couple more weeks. See you guys then!!

Megan said...

P.S. Congrats on becoming an aunt!! Believe me, it is awesome.

Melissa Brown said...

That's so awesome they have cousins now! My kiddos still only have cousin's on Adams side and they all live far away. I really want my sister to have a baby!
I really love the vase. I will for sure be stealing that idea! LOL
Carter is afraid of small babies too. He wouldn't hold Shenna's baby for a very very long time. Allison is already asking when she can help bath our new baby and hold it. It's gonna be a long wait.
Congrats again on becoming an Aunt!

Lisa said...


I love the name Norah!

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