Friday, May 27, 2011

Life with Jak

One of the few survivors of the graduation memory card debacle.

Jakson: I know how to read.
Me: I know. Tell me the words you can read.
Jakson: And, the, I, to, yea..... But 'yea' is my favorite word. Like 'Yea, behold!'

Me: Jakson how many times have I asked you not to stack those up and jump off of them?
Jakson: 100?
If I have, in fact, told him one hundred times-why doesn't he remember???? Why child, why?

A couple of days ago Jakson decided to use almost an entire roll of toilet paper to wipe himself and when he flushed the toilet, it flooded the bathroom. Remember before I had kids and never had to stand around in poop water yelling about the advantages of using 10 squares rather than 850?

Jakson informed us that he may or may not have pooped in the backyard because he was pretending to be a dog. We have been working on pretend with his therapist, but it looks like we'll have to tone it down. After a thorough investigation of the yard, we're pretty sure he made it up (very unlike him-we deal in concretes around here), but I'll be sure to step lightly.

*If we're friends on Facebook, some of these anecdotes may be reruns for you, but I'm documenting them here so they end up in our next Blurb book.


Covey said...

Fun! Toady we had friends over to play sprinkler, Lydia pulled the crotch of the suit to the side to pee in the yard right in front of them proudly declaring "This is my shortcut!" while she did it.

J, C, and E said...

At least you can never say that your life is boring. Just remember that you're an amazing mom!

Beth Ann said...

Jak is so awesome! The pooping in the backyard thing had me laughing hysterically. I mean, soooo not cool having to scour the backyard, but its still shows major character on his part.

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