Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just my luck

In the past three weeks:

Zak got a call from a firm in Houston wanting to interview him over Skype. We were quite confident that he was going to get the job and that the interview was more of a formality.

The day before the interview, he got an email explaining that the hiring manager was not going to be available and the interview would be rescheduled for the following week. Annoying, but whatever.

After hearing nothing for a couple of weeks, Zak received another email basically saying, Sike. We actually aren't going to interview anyone until August. Maybe not even then.

Frustrated that this out of state move seems to always elude us, we put a bid in on a HUD home here in Utah this past weekend. Not our dream home, but something we could live in for a year, fix up, and make some money off of. Mainly, we are sick of the limbo state and would like a little permanence. I spent upwards of ten hours on the phone with the lender and gathering paperwork to send off to the underwriters.

We lost the bid. Back to square one with the home search and back to limbo.

Jakson's preschool graduation was yesterday. He did a fantastic job and I managed to hold it together the entire time. But, after uploading the pictures from the event, I found that 28 of the 30 photo look something like this Apparently, unbeknownst to me, my memory card had gone bad. Awesome. Couldn't it have done this when I was taking photos of the kids riding bikes rather than a cannot-be-repeated type occasion?

Also during this time our scanner quit working (something I determined while trying to scan our info for the loan), I discovered that somehow half of our taxes got thrown away, our power steering went out, and watched as the lady in front of me purchased the perfect Moses basket--the exact item I've been scouring thrift shops to find.

We have the worst luck.


Camille said...


Sabrina said...

I am so sorry. I am scared to death of a card going bad. Your luck will change. It will.

*katie said...

So sorry Bethany :(

Amanda said...

I'm so sorry, Beth!

KatieB said...

oh bethy!

Emily said...

That stinks! *Sorry!* Heard of Murphy's Law?!?! My family calls it "Emily's Law" because everything that can go wrong does for me!

Shenna said...

Oh Beth, I'm so sorry. Something HAS to go right soon!! Good things are coming!! :)

Em said...

I think you are in need of a completely calorie and sugar packed dessert. Yes you are. Sooooo sorry beth. I hope things will look up for you soon.

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