Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Love, September Ready Made Sale!

I have a few leftover, ready made shop items that I want to sell off. They are all priced at huge discounts! If you're interested in any of them, just leave me a comment with your email address and I'll send you a Paypal invoice or I can list it in the shop reserved for you (that way you have the option of paying with a card). If these don't sell by next week, I'll list in the shop, but thought I'd give you guys first dibs! All items also will include a shipping fee of $1.50.

Reversible Skirt Size 1-3: $10 (50% off!!)

**SOLD**Reversible Skirt size 3-5: $10 (50% off!)

Reversible Skirt size 3-5: $10 (50% off!)

**SOLD**ONE onesie-slightly flawed, there is a tiny snag in the back of the onesie, Size 6-9 months (Circo so generous sized) $5 (75% off!)

Brown and aqua 9 ft ribbon banner: $16 (almost 50% off!)

Christmas half apron: $10 (50% off!)

ONE onesie in orange and gray-nothing wrong with this one, I just don't make them anymore. Size 9-12 months (Circo brand): $10 (33% off!)


Catey said...

If that first ONE onesie (the 6-9mo one) is still available I would love it please!

Thanks! :)

Em said...

Beth, can I buy that second skirt? The brown and pink paisley one? SO CUTE! You are so stinkin creative. Email me if it is still available. Take care, miss you.

Em said...

oh it is isn't brown, just pink, but I still want it. It all it's adorable pink paisley cuteness.

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