Friday, February 18, 2011

Your mom.

I've kind of slacked off with my daily photos. Two of the days this week requested self portrait photos-my least favorite type. So, I didn't take them. It's amazing how quickly a habit can be broken because the rest of the week it's been difficult to find the time to pick up the camera.

Finally, I got around to taking some pictures for the theme "together" using the timer on my camera (which took a little experimenting). Again, I officially hate all photos of myself, but settled on this one due to its lesser toad like qualities and the fact that Storey is adorable (Zak added, but only in photos-today's been one of those days with her I will block out in order to avoid post stress trauma).

I realize that I'm not completely sharp, but felt it was fitting since Storey does insist on being the center of attention. I'm only the background of her diva life.

Semi-humorous totally unrelated story: I tend to use the awesome, mature comeback "your mom" a lot (I blame this solely on Northwoods 6). Tyler (my bro in law) commented recently that we had probably only invited him over for his birthday because I like cake. True to character, I retorted, "YOUR MOM likes cake." So he texted her and asked. Apparently, she does, in fact, like cake. Good to know.


[AnnieR] said...

Yah, like today's assignment - night out? I laughed for like 5 minutes. Actually, we just had one. But before that we hadn't had a date since Christmas when we were in Vegas with grandparents for babysitters and before that, it was August when we had grandparents for babysitters, etc. so yah. I skipped today's. And did I tell you I love this picture? I do.

JP's MOM said...

This is a great pic!

So sweet.

Where do you get your 'assignments'?

Shenna said...

Halloween 2001...that's all I have to say about that. :)

Also, your daughter is adorable.

Terri said...

Your haircut is so cute! I keep wanting to cut mine short, and then I end up not doing it. I love it!

cj said...

Aww man I LOVE 'your mom' come backs and jokes. I've been addicted since high school :) Classic.

And your picture is beautiful and so are you beth! No toad whatsoever. The more I read your blog, the more I wish I lived in Utah so we could hang out! You're funny!

Bec said...

I think its a beautiful picture! I'm very much like you in that I dislike all pictures of myself. I'm working on that though...because I want my daughter to be able to see the beauty in matter what the world says!

KatieB said...

bethy you are so gorgeous! What a beautiful picture to keep. i always hate being in pictures because i look so awful next to my gorgeous children with their flawless porcelain skin and clear blue eyes, but then it makes me sad to think i have no pictures of us together. so maybe i'll clean myself up a little better and start posing away so i can get some mommy daughter shots that they can cherish in 20 years. because of course they will cherish everything about me :)

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