Tuesday, February 01, 2011

what's goin' on

-Last Thursday, I was able to make good on my free photo session offer from Project 31. Cami's husband has been gone with the military on and off for the last few years. He is currently training and away since Thanksgiving. I have a lot of admiration for her strength (don't think I could do it!) and patience. It was fun to visit with her and meet her adorable girls. If you're interested, you can see a sneak peek from her session here.

-Friday I left for Houston-sans kids. It was the weirdest feeling ever. Normally, I am herding small cats disguised as children and without them, I felt like I could do anything I wanted! Footloose and fancy free. What's next? Shall I jump out of an airplane and survive to tell the story?

-Speaking of Footloose-that movie was filmed up the road from where we live. I drive past the location on the way to preschool and think about the Kevin Bacon game (aka-the Six Degrees of KB) every time. Zak and I played the Six Degrees of BYU Students tonight at dinner. Good, clean fun.

-In Houston I taught a couponing class to about 100 women. I love to teach (might as well use that degree for something), but I'm afraid I talk too fast/too much. It's most likely due to the lack of intelligent conversation I've had in the past four years. That and I think I'm a lot more funny than I really am. So, if you ask me, my class was hilarious and extremely motivating but in reality I probably came across as an obnoxious coupon cheerleader. Too bad I can't manage a toe touch. Rah!

-Jakson was angry at me for leaving basically the whole weekend. He wouldn't talk to me on the phone and told Zak that he was mad at me. I was actually kind of glad to hear it-he finally is starting to understand some emotions!! Even if they are negative and directed at me. Can't win 'em all.

-Today I started a month long (FREE) photo class with daily assignments that I'm excited about called the Joy of Love. Especially the free part. It focuses on taking pictures of the people that you love. Every night the assignment for the following day is emailed along with a couple of photography hints/tips. You can still sign up on the Willette Photo blog. Did I mention it's free?!? Day 01 assignment was to capture "what they do." I took a ton of pictures, but settled on this one-reading and being silly. Pretty typical at our house.I'll be posting all of my photo assignments on my Photo A Day-2011 site here.


Shenna said...

I think you're funny! Seriously. I laugh a lot when I read your posts. Because you're funny. And I'm sure your class was great! I would have loved to have been there.

North Family Arizona said...

wow, "lack of intelligent conversation over the last 4 years"... ouch Zak...

Melissa said...

Awesome photo of Jak!
And I agree with Shenna... You always make me laugh and I don't think you talk to fast or too much.

KatieB said...

well put me down with jakson for being made at you too if you were in texas and didn't bother to stay long enough to visit me. boo!

Ellen said...

I LOVE the main song from Footloose!!! I think I may just post that as my next Monday Music Shower!
Thanks for the walk down memory lane! :)

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