Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Only two days to the weekend.

Today was one of those days. The kids didn't listen, refused to nap (if Storey thinks she is giving up her nap, she's got another think coming), and fought constantly. I even resorted to bribes and threats revolving around our impending trip to Disneyland, but they all seemed to fall on deaf ears.

By the time Zak got home, Storey had also managed to unwrap an entire box of pads she found under the sink in the bathroom (TMI?) rendering them unusable and Jakson had pooped in his pants (definitely TMI).

I was done.

As soon as Zak walked in the door, I informed him that HIS children were acting crazy and gave myself a time out.

gift from the heart
Hallelujah for husbands with new knives that like to cook. Zak sliced and diced while corralling the children. And I read a book. Specifically, Dawn of the Dreadfuls. Trust me on this one.


Veronica said...

Sounds like many of our days at home this week. I swear if spring doesn't get here soon......

FamilyKolbaba said...

It must be universal, because in the last 24 hours, my son has done about 20 naughty things he has never done before! It's like he turned two overnight. I wasn't saved by Nate, though, because he had executive secretary meetings, so I went to a ward game of co-ed ultimate frisbee and pawned him off on the designated babysitters :) Sweet relief.

Sabrina said...

Boo! Glad it is over. And glad for super husbands. I know we don't hear it enough, so here you go, "You are an awesome mom!"

Mrs. Doodle said...

girl what is it with pads/tampons (sorry so TMI) with kids. I think I could get rid of every toy in this house and my kids would be happy destroying those two things. like for HOURS!

PS I love super husbands too! hope you have a better day:)

mikbeth said...

I'm sure the corralling the kids had something to do with those new sharp knives. :) Mommies don't get nearly enough time outs as we deserve! I was ready to shove Isaac in the milk refrigerator at the grocery store today and leave him there. Maybe someone would buy him. The whole trip was "I want more SAMPLES!!"

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