Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DIY Disneyland Shirts-The NO-SEW Version!

I promise I will stop talking about Disneyland, oh, in about two weeks. But until then, bear with me. Or just skip this post.

Lately I've had an aversion to sewing. I think I'm suffering from severe burnout/have a million other things to do. So rather than using a needle and thread to create shirts this year, I relied on my trusty old iron. Here's a project EVERYONE can do. Well, as long as you own an iron.

What you need:
  • washed t-shirts
  • iron on transfer paper (make sure you get the kind that can be printed from an ink jet printer)-you can get this from Joanns, Hobby Lobby, or Walmart. If you purchase from Joanns, be sure to use a coupon!! I think the cost is $6-$8 for about 8 sheets or so. I like the June Tailor brand best, but most seem comparable to each other.
  • color printer
  • images to iron (see note below to find FREE and awesome images)
  1. Download images and insert into word document to resize.
  2. When sized to your liking, hit "print preview" just to make sure that whole image will print without being cut off by margins. Adjust if needed.
  3. Print image on transfer paper and let dry for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Cut out your image, leaving a little white space around the edges.
  5. Heat up your iron and (following the instructions that came with your transfer paper) iron image onto your shirt.
  6. Voila! Totally unique and cheap Disney shirt!
  7. **Warning-these shirts will most likely not hold up to a lot of washings. I'm not a huge fan of "character" clothing, so that's okay with me, but just be aware that the iron ons will likely crack and fade after a couple of wearings/cleanings.
Note about images: I found some fantastic images (that I used in the mouse ears shirts above) on 4shared. There are 464 designs to choose from. Princess to pirate Mickey. Definitely something for everyone. Download is free and I didn't resize at all for the 2T shirts.    The original printable are no longer available.  BUT there are a ton of really great (similar) printables on the Disboards that you can save and use for iron ons.  Some of the DISigners will even do custom work.  Just read the rules.  Here's the link to the Disboards that include printables.   The other image, I grabbed from a Mickey Mouse coloring page. I am in love with the simple black and white. I did resize this one quite a bit in Word. If you search Google Images for Mickey Mouse coloring pages, I'm sure you will find a ton of options.

Happy ironing!

You can see the Disneyland shirts that I made last (that do require sewing) here.


Catey said...

Those turned out so cute!! What a fun idea!
I am loving all your Disney posts....logging them away for when we head back. I'm excited for you and a little jealous, we aren't doing our annual Disney/SoCal trek again this year. Can't wait till hubby finishes school so we can put all your tips to work. :)

North Family Arizona said...

can't you get into traidmark infringement issues especially if you wear these to Disneyland?

Cool non-the-less.

bethany said...

I think as long as I'm not selling them, I'm good. I know I'm not the first person to make my own shirts and Disney doesn't seem to be tracking them down in the parks to arrest them :) Disney is just crazy about people selling trademarked stuff (word of counsel to Etsy sellers).

bethany said...

Just in case anyone has read this and is wondering-I googled it and Disney is okay with people using images like this for personal use. You can NOT try to sell anything with their copyrighted/trademarked images.

Jeff said...

Very, very cute! I love that they are no-sew. Perfect for the sewing dummies like myself. I can't wait to hear all about the trip!!

P.S. I'm on Jeff's computer, so there's a chance it'll show up as him. This is Shenna. :)

Mary said...

Wow - you make that seem so easy, I might have the courage to try! (I actually mentioned this in my blog. I only have like a 100 people read my blog a day - so I don't think you'll see a big jump in readers. Ha ha!) Thanks again!

DisneyBabies said...

So adorable and do-able! I just found this from Couponing to Disney.. I wonder if I'd have time to do this before my trip next week! Thanks for the idea/instructions :)

Lance said...

This is a great idea. We have tried it and its not really that difficult. Just make sure shirts are washed first and dont use fabric softner or dryer sheets when drying. For designs, you can also try the DIS Boards. They have folks that make their own designs and will take requests for ideas or personalize their designs for you. Their URL is below.


Crystal said...

Love it! I also got the link from Couponing to Disney...I can't wait to make some matching shirts...I have until December...Thanks! :)

Emily S. said...

How well have these shirts washed?? Just curious. LOVE your blog!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I tried the link to 4shared but I keep getting an error message. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

ABL said...

Hi! I found a link to your post from pinterst, and I love your idea! I know this was a while ago, but I was wondering what search term did you use in 4shared to find the different mouse ears. I've tried all types, but I can't get anything to come up. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

since they are not posted anymore, can i get the ones you did for me to iron on?

bethany said...

They were actually on another computer that crashed, so I no longer have those files. Sorry!


Where do you found those images of mickey head with a character inside it?


I want to make shirts for my Disney trip in 15 days and my daughter and friends like the ones with mickey head. Where can I find those images?

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