Sunday, February 13, 2011

Breaking the Ice

passions and hobbies-dinosaurs!
One of Jakson's biggest struggles is with initiating social interactions. Even if another kid starts a conversation, many times it quickly becomes too overwhelming for Jakson and he just walks away.

Not the best first impression.

So, with his therapist, we've really been working on conversation skills AND we've had a recent breakthrough. But of course, it came in true Jakson style. Twice this week he initiated a conversation with a peer. His break the ice question?

Hey (child's name), how do paleontologists dig up dinosaur bones?

It's a real talent to know how to start and end a conversation with one sentence.


Lori said...

I don't mean to make light of it b/c I know what a true struggle this can be, but can I just say I LOVE it?? That is so much cooler than what most kids would open with:) Very cool, Jakson, very cool!

shauntel said...

My daughter would be all over that question. She's going to be a paleontologist when she grows up. I guess he just needs to find the right kid. :)

Baldwin's in Utah said...

Dude- Brock and Jakson need to hang out more because that is so right up brock's alley! He's been a hungry hungry herbivore at our house lately and is constantly telling random people random dino facts. :)

Way to go Jakson!!!

Gina said...

Awesome! My Jackson would be ALL over that conversation. :) I'm glad to hear he's making progress. :)

mikbeth said...

Wow, what a stunning picture. All those colors and yet his blue eyes are stellar! Wow!

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