Friday, January 14, 2011

Chef Zak

My husband fancies himself an amateur chef and who am I to argue? I don't have to cook, he looks hot in an apron, and I get to eat good food. Win win win.

Everyone knows a chef needs a good knife (for practicing those knife skills) and sadly Zak only had the Walmart Special knives available to him (the kind you use to literally SAW through food). So, after evaluating the gifts that I had gotten for him and realizing that they were pretty lame, I decided that a new, more chef-like slicing & dicing device was in order. CSN has an amazing selection of knives-and after reading reviews from a few different sites, I settled on the Victorinox Fibrox Chef's Knife.People in the reviews warned that the knife is VERY sharp and after owning it for just a couple of weeks, both Zak and I can definitely attest to that. We have injuries to prove it. Thank goodness we've learned from our children that Band-Aids can cure anything. But we are also no longer sawing through the cucumbers to make a salad.

I also ordered a new saucepan because the "non stick" had started flaking off the one we had gotten as a wedding present. Non stick is great on pans, but not so great in food. Our new Farberware saucepan is quality-it even has a pour spout on the side so I don't have to use a colander when making Mac and Cheese for the kids anymore!!Hooray for new kitchen stuffs!

Disclosure: CSN Stores provided me with the knife and saucepan to review. All portions of this review are 100% my opinion.


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