Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This is my grown up Christmas list

*For fun, I will be titling all blog posts from now until the 25th with the names or lyrics of terrible, Iwanttothrowmyselfoutawindow Christmas songs. Maybe someone really important will read this blog and ban these songs from ever torturing human ears again. THAT would truly be a Christmas miracle.

I realized tonight that the presents I got for Zak were all pretty lame. But we sort of ran out of money (seeing as I had to pay for not one, but two speeding tickets this month), and so he got the shaft. Thankfully CSN (the site that sells everything perfect for the guy in your life, from a laptop messenger bag to a man chair, neither of which will be gifts for Zak) once again picked up the slack.

I'm not sure exactly what I'll be reviewing this month, but it will be good. And it will be terribly manly. Even though I married a guy who claims to look good in a cheerleading skirt.


North Family Arizona said...

dang, I like that song!

Zak said...

There is no 'claim.' The proof is in the picture.

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