Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Thanksgiving Highlights

  1. Being basically without internet access for almost a week. It was a nice change of pace.
  2. Venting to my mom in person instead of over the phone. I need to move to Texas.
  3. Grandparents!! And lots of hide 'n seek.
  4. My dad's assignment of "Jakson duty". He did a fantastic job. Jakson only almost killed himself once the whole trip and it was on Zak's watch.
  5. Pie for breakfast.
  6. Spending time with my grandma and extended family. We all got together to celebrate her 80th birthday. She loved the photo quilt.
  7. Going to see Harry Potter 7 with three of my favorite people. Sans children.
  8. Taking photos for some great friends. And the weather was so warm!!
  9. Listening to Storey's new original song entitled "Put a tortilla chip on your shoulder" We will definitely have to enforce the "no singing at dinner time" rule. Don't have that one in your family? Well, then you aren't a Vermillion.
  10. Listening to Jakson try to out sing Storey with "Elysse Nobby-bob" to the tune of Feliz Navidad.
  11. Watching the kids play with Natalie, Goobie, and Jingle Bell Ella--the only children I know who meet or exceed their energy levels.
  12. Getting home safely, even though the normally 10 hour trip took almost 16 hours! 16 hours with kids that don't sleep in the car=thoughts of throwing myself out the window onto the icy road.


Leanna said...

jakson looks like he is casting an awesome harry potter spell with a wand in that first picture

Lisa said...

What a GREAT time!

Cheryl said...

I am with you on the roads! It took us forever to get home too. I about had my stomach in knots just watching Ben drive on the freeway with no visable lines and tons of snow and ice. It took us 15 hours to get home.

Clyde J Criddle said...

I loved being with your family over the holiday. Being a Grandpa is great!

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