Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sanity Saver

Like I said before, our trip home took almost 16 hours (normally only 10) due to the icy roads. As annoying as it was, it would have been exponentially worse had we not had two things-1) a reliable portable DVD player (how did people travel with children before DVD players?!?) and 2) our brand new Taby Trays.

Saved my sanity.

I'd never heard of Taby trays, but knowing that we were going to be taking this trip with the kids, I was doing a little research online for products to make traveling easier and came across them. And where did I find the trays for the best price? Good old reliable CSN. I was able to get 2 for the price of what I'd pay for 1 on Amazon!!I was a little wary before they arrived that they wouldn't fit on the kids' carseats because any negative reviews I found had to do with the fit, but Zak and I installed them the day they came and they were perfect, even though Storey's car seat doesn't have arm rests.

The kids were able to color, eat without keeping everything in their laps (so much cleaner!), keep their sippy cups in the tray cup holder, trace letters, and stay entertained because they had a flat, hard surface to work on. I highly, highly recommend to anyone who takes long road trips with kids!

Get yours in time for your holiday travels here.

BTW-I was a little worried about the safety of the trays in a car accident, but read a review written by a mom who was in an accident that totaled her car while the tray was installed and she said there were no problems. Hopefully not something I will have to experience, but reassuring to read another mom's experience.

**Although CSN Stores provided me with the Taby Trays to review, all portions of this review are 100% my opinion.


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