Saturday, December 11, 2010

In Disguise

Zak picked up the kids from preschool, took them to get flu shots, and then brought them home. And Storey wore her reindeer hat the whole time.
Maybe she's in hopes that Santa will say "won't you guide my sleigh" this year?

Major breakthrough: Jakson sat in Santa's lap!! This is seriously amazing since a week ago he screamed and threw himself around when I made the suggestion. There was unexpectedly a Santa at a local furniture store today (we went for the free hot dogs-how ghetto are we???) and no line. We passed him while making our way to free lunch and while we were eating he asked to go back. Not expecting much we walked back and much to our surprise, Jakson ran right up and jumped in his lap!! Guess he needed a little time to warm up to the idea or something. Storey would still have nothing to do with him. Well, she did stand about 10 feet away and yelled something about pink presents, but that was about it. She probably would have been braver had she been wearing that spectacular reindeer headdress.


Christina said...

I'm all about free hot dogs!

Lori said...

Jack has worn Lightning McQueen bedroom shoes everywhere we have gone lately, so at least her reindeer hat matches the season!

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