Thursday, December 09, 2010

Grave Matters

This is going to sound ridiculous.

Last night, I went to check the mail and managed to twist my ankle in the process. Talk about clumsy. So that I don't seem quite as uncoordinated, I will qualify my injury by saying that I was walking across the dark, open field area near our house in order to get to the mailbox and there was a dip that was hidden in the grass that I sort of fell into.

But still, that's pretty bad.

I limped home, mail in hand (we didn't even get anything good!), and after making fun of me, Zak wrapped my ankle up in a brace we had lying around. I propped my foot up and vowed to never be that anxious to retrieve the mail again.Jakson came in a few minutes later and knowing that he has a tendency to unpredictably jump on people, Zak warned him that my foot was hurting. After that point, Jakson became the protector of my foot. He wouldn't come near me and if anyone else attempted to get within a 5 foot radius of my foot, he would yell at them. When it was time for bed, he told me "Mom, stay downstairs!" and insisted that everyone troop back down the stairs for family scripture reading, something that is normally held in his room.

After scripture reading, everyone got hugs/kisses and Zak took Storey up to bed. Jakson was supposed to follow, but instead lingered on the stairs looking at me with a mournful face. Finally, I said, "What's wrong Jak?"

In this little, pitiful voice he said, "Mom, you're dying?"

Oh my.

I had him come back down the stairs and cuddle while I explained that I am not, in fact, dying. We talked about knocking his teeth out and how it hurt, but he wasn't dying then, just like Mommy wasn't dying because of her foot. What my dad would interject here is that I'm a terrible patient and I was probably just acting like I was dying. But I wasn't-I was very brave. Funny the ways kids translate things.

Unfortunately, the concern about my foot didn't last and he's back to his crazy ways. Only now it's harder it's more difficult for me to save his life. Or Storey's.

Excuse me while I crawl up the stairs to break up a fight.


hillari said...

That is so sweet! Poor thing. and you too!

Jessica said...

I don't know you...BUT AMEN!!! I am also a teacher turned stay at home mom and I TOTALLY hear ya.

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