Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do they know it's Christmastime at all?

Name it. One of the very, very worst.

The stockings are hung, the presents are bought, wrapped, and under the tree. We. Are. Ready! Especially Jakson. He is really, really ready. Storey is kind of indifferent to the whole holiday (as long as pink is involved she will be happy-Santa has obliged by wrapping all of her presents in pretty pink paper), but Jakson is beside himself with excitement.

Today I told him that the elves are going to bring a very special present on Christmas Eve and he almost passed out. Literally. I think he started to hyperventilate.

Knowing we probably only have a couple of years with two "believers", we've been trying to be as festive as possible, which isn't hard when Storey insists on wearing her reindeer hat almost everywhere we go. Every night we read a different Christmas picture book-some religious and some are just for fun. We've visited Santa's reindeer (though they seemed very tired and were definitely more boring than they look in the movies), looked at lots of Christmas lights, and watched old Christmas cartoon movies about a thousand times. So many times in fact that Jakson's new favorite phrase is "good grief" ala Charlie Brown. I think the kids may actually go through Christmas music withdrawals when December 26th hits.
Tomorrow night we will start our Secret Elves project (ding dong ditch and all that) and this weekend we're making Christmas cookies which the kids will ruin with massive amounts of sprinkles. And so we will give them to our neighbors.

Ahh...the joys of Christmas.


Clyde J Criddle said...

I think the reindeers look more like a goat.

jacs said...

That song is so obnoxious! Even the guy who wrote it recently expressed his dislike for this time of year and hearing that song on the radio. lol.

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