Sunday, November 07, 2010

Thankful 30-7

Cheap babysitting.

I desperately needed a break last night. There had been too many tantrums, fights over toys, and general grumpiness-my bucket was quickly draining. Thankfully, my sister came to the rescue despite the fact that she had just gotten off work and probably wanted to go out with her friends. We bribed her with a Cafe Rio salad and the promise that the kids would be in bed.

Zak and I were able to have an evening out-wandering Target and grabbing a bite. And we didn't spend a second of the two hours away listening to "mine!". It was bliss. Thanks Nan.


Leanna said...

you're welcome! anytime! I wouldn't even mind if they were awake cuz I miss them :-(

Lori said...

I've loved all your thankfuls so far and a lot of them look pretty similar to my list! Imagine that?? :)

hillari said...

Sounds like our house! I just told Keith yesterday that I need a day off. Hah. Unless I check myself into a hotel, or the looney bin, that isn't happening anytime soon. :)

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