Friday, November 05, 2010

Thankful 30-5

The Library

I'm weird about libraries. I almost have a religious/spiritual feeling about them. Maybe because you're supposed to be quiet in a library like you are in church? I don't know. But I could spend hours in there. Unfortunately, small children don't allow for such luxuries. We are in and out as fast as possible.

I love that my children have caught the library bug too. Though Jakson's not a big fan of story time (too many kids, too loud, too much sitting still), he is still so excited to go every week and check out books. He's allowed to get four books because he is 4 and routinely heads to the dinosaur non-fiction section. Storey usually fills her bag with Pooh Bear books-the same ones over and over again. I'm in hopes that she is going to branch out eventually.

The best part about a library? Free books.


Amanda said...

We are just now getting acquainted with our library and I've been meaning to look up your post about your favorite kids books. So far I've just been pulling random books off the shelves.

edith said...

We love the library too. Do you know Mo Willems' books? Leonardo The Terrible Monster is our favorite right now. But there are lots of different books from that author that Storey and Jakson might like. We also like the "Piggie and Gerald" books from him.

joeyandaleethea said...

My kids adore books too. So much so that we are always paying late fees at the library because they never want me to return them! They seriously cry and whine all the way to the library's drop-box. And when we go check books out? The librarian says "ka-ching"! True story. He thinks he's hilarious.

So I stopped by to tell you that I thought of you on Halloween. We took our kids out trick-or-treating, and my 2yr old walked straight into someone's house!!! Not just stepped in, but walked in - as if she knew the place - and turned toward the kitchen before I had to almost run in after her. Thankfully the Grandma inside walked her out to me. So embarrassing!! LOL - anyway so I think your kiddo did that, way back in '08? And so I stopped by to tell you that, and obviously also to just ramble on. Bye now!

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