Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankful 30-20

Melatonin has saved our lives. Not literally I guess, unless life is equivalent to sleep, but doesn't it feel that way sometimes?

Jakson used to stay up until at least 11:30P every night--once in awhile until 3 or 4A. And because he knows how to unlock the door from the inside of his room-Go, go gadget arms!- (we started locking him in after we discovered him leaving the house at 2 in the morning), we had to stay awake until he fell asleep for safety reasons. It was getting a little ridiculous, mainly because I am not pleasant to be around when I only get 3-4 hours of sleep.

Enter Melatonin. We had tried a few other "medicines" that professed to induce sleep without success, so weren't expecting results. Thankfully, we were very wrong. The first night we gave it to him, he fell asleep by 8:30! Amazing! He's been taking it for the past two months now and falls asleep easily every night. A true miracle drug.


Lori said...

We stick our Melatonin in one of our Cars gummie vitamins every night - Jack calls it the "engine" :)

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