Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thankful 30-17

My husband.
I know, I know. This should have been day #1, but I wanted to wait and make sure that I had a lot of really great reasons to be thankful for him before posting.

Just kidding.

I think everyone says this, but I truly have the best husband. He keeps me sane, makes me laugh, tames the kids, and doesn't think I'm fat. Well, at least that's what he says. He also came home for lunch today to change a hose that was leaking fluid in the car and fix the headlight. A regular handyman.

Best of all, he humors me when I get a little OCD about getting free stuff, wrapping gifts before Thanksgiving, finishing what a start, and a myriad of other annoying habits.


Shenna said...

I love your picture. You look fantastic!

Beth Ann said...

Agreed, completely beautiful. Nice picture of you two!

Veronica said...

Aaaah, such a good picture!! And yea for hubbies who don't think we are fat :)

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