Friday, October 08, 2010

This week

Storey wore pink. A lot of pink. Pink shirt. Pink skirt. Pink leggings. Pink shoes. Note to self: In the future, refrain from stating opinions to Storey such as, "I am not a fan of pink." She is defiant.

We took the kids to the good old BYU bowling alley. First time bowlers.
It reminded me of college days and a roommate that used to spray the shoes.
Jakson was hilarious. He would roll the ball, turn, and flap away.Storey attempted to run and tackle the pins herself several times.
All that pink has gone to her head.

I finished a phototastic quilt top for my Grandma's birthday.More details to come.

Lest you mistakenly leave with the impression that our week was calm and uneventful....our "new" car overheated, went to the mechanic, and is going to cost us a whole bunch of money to get fixed.
Then we got a flat tire on the car that wasn't in the shop.
And Zak had to walk home from work.

The fun never stops.


Immeasurably More Mama said...

Defiantly wearing pink...hahahaha! I guess it could be something worse, right?

Lisa said...

My Diva is all about the pink too. The quilt looks amazing!

Cerise said...

That quilt is amazing!! What a wonderful gift!! It would be wonderful for an anniversary present too or a wedding present!!

KatieB said...

i miss you beth

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