Sunday, October 24, 2010

Next stop? Oprah.

Man, I love this kid.
When I used to run camps we would talk about how the most beautiful children have autism.
In my totally unbiased opinion, I would have to agree.

One of Jak's big social issues is personal space.

As in, he doesn't have any.

Many people associate autism with pulling away from touch, but, in Jakson's case, it is quite the opposite. He is extremely cuddly and loves to give hugs. We are very lucky that way. But there comes a time when it becomes inappropriate and makes people uncomfortable. Like when he spends the entire Sharing Time (kid's class at church-lasts about an hour) rubbing the kid's head next to him. That has GOT to be annoying.

Because it's starting to make him seem like a weirdo, we're working on learning appropriate personal space/touching with his therapist. He's not going to learn correct behavior without a lot of modeling, so when Zak or I want a hug from someone , we have to ask, "Can I have a hug?" and then wait for an answer before moving in (I think a few guys I went on dates with could have used this morsel of advice). And when Jakson is giving a hug, we are supposed to count, 1-2-3, otherwise the hugs last for 20 seconds or more.

Basically we don't want his peers to think he's a freak.

Not a whole lot of change in the behavior so far, he continues to throw kids off with his ridiculously long hugging if we aren't careful, but I'm sure it will eventually come. If not, I guess he could always have a future career as the next "Free Hugs" guy.
I mean, he totally got to go on Oprah.


Shenna said...

What a great picture of Jak! I love his blue eyes...I'm hoping Hunter's stay blue.

Stacy said...

Oh my sweet friend. You are doing such an amazing job and Jak's mom. He is such a cute kid. Who wouldn't want a hug from such a cutie??

Veronica said...

I LOVE this picture of Jak. You have such gorgeous kids! I love reading about all your autism adventures, even if I rarely comment.

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I love your attitude. I understand you wanting to teach Jak appropriate social behavior but his need for touch and hugs must melt his mama's heart. What a blessing!

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