Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Just shoot me.

Last year at the end of our family shoot, I asked Kelly, our photographer, if she was ever going to teach a photography class. The answer was no. When asked why, she replied that the only way to become a good photographer is practice, practice, practice. Oh, and read your camera manual. Memorize it.

When I got a nice camera for Christmas, I took Kelly's advice to heart. I started taking pictures every day. I read the manual, practiced the settings, posted daily photos (on a private blog), and made a lot of mistakes. Then Jakson got his diagnosis in April and everything else fell by the wayside. I went back to automatic settings and stopped posting daily photos.

I finally picked my camera up to experiment again a couple of months ago. I remembered how much I like taking pictures-I love documenting the crazy things my kids do and appreciate a camera that is fast enough to capture them. Then our good friends came into town and I arranged to take their family photos. For fun. And that led to other friends asking for photos, referring their family members, and so on.
I've been so proud of myself for getting comfortable with my camera's manual settings and I love taking pictures of families, but I've realized that I will never profess to be a "professional" photographer. I don't have the expensive equipment or the technical Photoshop skills required to charge an arm and a leg for photos. I just love to take pictures.
That said, I can't keep taking photos for free, so I've decided to start charging (just a little bit). My style is really candid. I love REAL family photos. Families playing. I think they are the most beautiful and show the most personality. If you would like to see some of the families that I have photographed, you can go here.
Because my life goal is actually to be a professional mom, I'll only be taking one photo shoot per week. So if you're interested, especially in getting photos taken for Christmas cards, let me know early. I'll try to make the whole experience as painless as possible. Let your husband know.


Lisa said...

Good luck! I think that your phots are fabulous!

Camille said...

Aaaaah! You're awesome!

Erin said...

So exciting! Now you just need to bring your skillz to Montana :)

Megan said...

If you are still interested in taking a workshop, my friend Becky (who did Kiefer and my engagement pictures) does workshops every few months or so and she lives in Orem. She is a great teacher. She has some tutorials about different camera settings and photoshopping and all that jazz on her blog. Here is her website

Anna said...

Wow - love the pictures! If you were closer to where I live, I'd be calling you right up.

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