Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm so rumbly in my tummy

Storey is so excited about this year's Halloween costume.
She has been wearing the fleece hat I finished yesterday non-stop, despite the 80 degree weather.
I'm glad at least one person appreciates the things I make.
Every time I sew something for Jakson and ask him to try it on, he throws a fit.

Completely random: While watching TV just now, my sweet husband turned to me and said, "Stupid, ignorant people bring me so much joy sometimes."

It's the little things....


Anne said...

I see the Pooh resemblance!

Melissa said...

She is so cute. . . and you are INCREDIBLY talented - can't wait for the pictures of the whole costume. :)

Catey said...

Such a cutie!

And seriously-the comment from your husband literally made me laugh out loud! So true! haha!

Lori said...

I can't wait to see the finished costumes! My Jack makes me feel that way about parties. I LOVE to throw birthday parties for him and he has YET to like or enjoy one of them. My husband said after last year, "No more parties:("

Also, huge step with Jakson writing his own name!!! We just had Jack tested by the school system and he scored really high on cognitive and language, but 100 was the average and he was 77 on motor skills so I know how that is! I don't know WHEN we'll get to writing our own name. We're working on holding a crayon right now:) So, big step!!

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