Friday, September 24, 2010

This weekend

Go to the Redbox and rent this movie. It will change the way you look at things, give you a glimpse into the mind of autism, and a little taste of what my life is like.

A well spent dollar.


Larri said...

That is funny, I was reading one of her books this week and thought of you. She suggested mummy sleeping bags to aid with touch/pressure and sleep.

Megan said...

On MTV, there is this new show called "World of Jenks" where this guy, Andrew Jenks, is a documentary filmmaker and lives for a week with someone from a totally different situation than he is used to. Now, I don't like MTV but in his first episode he lived with a 20 year old guy with autism. He interviewed his parents, went to school with him, hung out with him and his friends, and showed his experiences, good or or bad. It shows how this kid lives and deals with everyday situations but processes them and copes with them so differently. I think that you might enjoy watching it. There were some heart-breaking parts in it but also it was great to see this kid's great personality and how loved he is by his family and it is a complete look into how he lives everday life.

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