Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good News

Just got a phone call letting us know that we received a scholarship that will help pay for a portion of Jakson's therapy!! I am so relieved (I've been using that word a lot lately). And because the amount we get is dependent on last year's tax return, we will be paying a little less we had previously planned on.

There's the silver lining of that layoff.

I know that many of you have offered up prayers in our behalf. Thank you. So much. Mark it up as another miracle on this journey.


Valerie said...

I am so happy for you guys!

Camille said...


[AnnieR] said...

Oh, this is SUCH GREAT NEWS!!!! YAY. YAY. YAY.

Shenna said...

Hooray!!!! I'm so happy for you! What a relief to be able to have some help!

Jon and Sarah said...

Yay! So glad things are all falling into place and coming together for you.

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