Thursday, September 02, 2010

Current Events

Yesterday I took the kids to preschool back to school/meet your teacher day. That's right I said the kidS. As in plural. The preschool Jak has been attending for the past year and a half has a class for two-year olds--perfect for Storey. She can go and talk someone else's ear off for a couple of hours each week. And I can go to the gym without paying a babysitter. It's a win-win.

Actually it's a win-win-win. I get a break, Storey will have the active social life she's dreamed of, and Zak will have a more fit, less frazzled wife.

Well, in theory anyway.

School starts for them next week, but it doesn't really feel like the start of a new year since Jakson has been attending all summer long. Doesn't do well with change in routine and all that.....

And he might be deaf in his left ear. I think I mentioned that previously, but we finally have a sedated (?!?) hearing test scheduled along with another ear tube surgery. The hearing test they need to conduct requires a child to sit still for two minutes. Not gonna happen with our anxiety ridden child, so the ENT has scheduled it while Jak is already out for his surgery. It should be interesting to have a really accurate idea of what's going on with his hearing.

I'm still going to the gym (applause! applause!) but counteracting my efforts with a continuous supply of delicious desserts. Like this one. So, so good. I am feeling less guilty about the sugar intake since I am running some of the calories off. According to the scale, I have lost a pound. One. Almost makes me never want to go back, but Zak assures me that I LOOK skinnier.

Isn't he a good husband? A liar, but a good husband.


Amanda said...

Oh girl, I feel your pain on the working out/weight loss thing. I was busting my bum last fall running and just could not lose it. Why? I felt entitled to eat everything because I ran! That's why I had to do WW. I'm so happy for you about having some time to yourself! Today was the first day I spent alone in my house in 18 months. It was amazing. Blessings!

Covey and Justin said...

enjoy the quiet!! That's awesome that you are going to get a few hours to yourself. I got another 18 months before I can send Bethy :)
Remember muscle weighs more than fat. I would really encourage you to measure yourself once monthly and see the INCHES go away instead of the pounds. It is so gratifying to see your thighs are getting smaller even if the scale says you've only lost a pound.

Stacy said...

I second the measuring thing!! My 30 year old body doesn't ever seem to lose weight. It just changes shape?? I don't know but I do lose inches without ever losing even a pound. How that works I have no idea. I can't lose this last 15 to save my life!!! But the inches changes makes working out a little less painful.

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