Monday, September 20, 2010

A pink trike

A couple of months ago (this is WAY overdue) CSN Stores sent me a little Italtrike bike for Storey to try out. I knew that she would fall in love with the pink one. This child is obsessed with pink. I guess that's what happens when Mommy doesn't like something...

We ended up giving her the trike for her 2nd birthday. I was really excited because she's been watching her brother ride his trike, but it was way too big for her. This one advertised the size as 18M and up. Perfect!! Unfortunately, after putting it together (very easy!), we realized it was much larger than we had anticipated and her short legs didn't end up being able to reach the pedals. So sad! Then she just wanted to be pushed around everywhere-not great for the back.

Other than that, we have been really happy with it!! I love the little storage bucket on the back. Storey is constantly putting little treasures or stuffed animals in there to ride along and the colors are perfect for a little girl. It is also lower to the ground so it doesn't tip over easily (Jakson's bike tips all the time, but he doesn't care). I definitely recommend it. You can find it here (available in boy colors as well).

Disclosure: CSN Stores provided me with a trike to review. All portions of this review are 100% my opinion.


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