Thursday, September 30, 2010

Active Imaginations

Scene: Storey's closet/room after her nap.
Storey: My eye! My eye!
Me: What happened to your eye?
Storey: Pooh Bear kicked me in the eye. It hurts.

I've always known that Pooh Bear was trouble.
Scene: Finishing family dinner at the table.
Zak: Storey, here's your vitamin.
Storey: My vitamin! Oh, it's a Jesus vitamin.

No words. I'm sure someone sells Jesus shaped vitamins (note to self:profitable business idea), but these were definitely bears. Scene: On a walk after dinner.
Zak: Look at the goats!
Jakson: It's the holy goats!

The "Holy Ghost" does not, in fact, live on a farm and eat grass. Don't worry, we'll cover those details in our next Family Home Evening.


Cheryl said...

I actually laughed out loud when I read the "Holy Goats" line. So funny and cute!

Megan said...

Hahahah. Oh man, those just seriously made my day!!! So excited to see you guys next week!!

lindsay said...

That's awesome. I LOVE the things that kids say.

Anne said...

Go with the money making idea. I saw in the paper today I guy who is making $$$ selling toasters that burn the image of Jesus onto your bread. Funny kidisms.

Shenna said...

Seriously. Awesome.

Lisa said...

Pooh bear is a thug! teehee

Beth Ann said...


Baldwin's in Utah said...

This post totally made my day!!! While your at the whole making Jesus shaped vitamins, wanna whip up some Heavenly Father and Jesus cake topper figures. That's what Brock wants on his cake for his 5th birthday. seriously.

Leanna said...

this post was awesome

j&krosser said...

I thought it would be Tigger. Naughty Pooh Bear. I love kidisms.

Erin said...

I cracked up at "holy goats".... I literally lol'd :)

JENNY said...

those are classic "what have I been teaching my kids?" moments. Sadie thought that the song said... "we are as the armies of Engelman" and Mason until age 9 wasn't sure if we were catholic or not! FHE was pretty intense for several weeks!!!

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