Thursday, August 19, 2010

The wall that anxiety built

On the trip back from Houston-Wilson's Arch

About a month ago, we took a little trip to IKEA to grab a few things. Before eating our ridiculously cheap IKEA cafeteria meal, Jak and I headed to the bathroom to wash our hands. The bathroom had some crazy state of the art hand dryer and since Jakson likes electronic gadgets, I thought he would find it fascinating. What a mistake.
I stuck my hands in to show him that it came on automatically and he suddenly lost it, ran screaming from the bathroom, and wouldn't come near me for another 15 minutes (did he think I had a portable torture hand dryer hidden behind my back?).

Fast forward two weeks.

We had been in the car for 6 or so hours, driving to Houston. Jakson needed to go potty, so we found a gas station and Zak took him in. Only a minute later they came back, Jakson screaming, kicking, hitting. Zak explained that the bathroom was really dirty and it freaked Jakson out. Totally understandable. I like a boy who is disgusted by a mess.

Does that mean he won't leave one?

So we found another, less filthy looking gas station down the road. It was my turn to take him in-but despite the cleanliness, he still would not go to the bathroom.

Getting a little frustrated since he obviously needed to go, we decide to try another tactic-he's a boy, all the world is his toilet. In the car we tried to pump him up for this great adventure. Peeing on the road! What fun! He was excited, but once go-time came, he claimed it was "too scary" and refused.

We stopped three more times, offering a water bottle to pee in, rocks to pee on, but nothing.
No matter how much it hurts or what he wants, once he hits the wall anxiety has built, he can go no further. At that point (about 8 hours), he was writhing and moaning like a dying dog in the back seat.

Doesn't make for a very pleasant trip.
Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I grabbed the Chick-Fil-A cup from lunch, turned around and told him that he was going to pee into the cup. No horrifying public bathrooms, no "scary" wilderness. Just Jak and the cup.
(well, and me, and Storey, and Daddy, and the fact that peeing in a cup is quite revolting)

Heaven be praised, it worked. Jakson stood up in his car seat, peed in the cup, and then promptly fell asleep. Leaving me with a cup full of urine. Knowing that if I tried to dispense of it at 75 miles/hour, I'd end up with a face full of splatter, I gently put the lid back on, and stuck it in the center console cup holder where it sat until Albuquerque.

What a glamorous life we lead.


Anna said...

Ours is afraid of dirty bathrooms (can't blame him) - and automatic toilets. You have to hold the button or block the sensor so it won't go off when he scootches up to potty. Way to go getting him to go in a cup!

Amanda said...

We did a two-day road trip this week and I will never be the same after some "nature calling" shenanigans my son had on the side of the road.

Veronica said...

Dear Bethany, reading your blog makes me oh-so-tired. There is a special place in Heaven for a mom like you...I am sure of it!

Lori said...

One of the upsides of this life we're living is there will be no Mom around us as resourceful as we'll be!! I'm learning that there is always an answer, but it may involve riding a few hours with urine in a Chick-Fil-A cup:)

Lisa said...

Ah, the infamous boy pees in car scenario. Mine do it too!

Clyde J Criddle said...

Personally, I preferred pop bottles when I was a kid. ;-)

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