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This is going to be the easiest week long assignment-getting together the outfits that you want to use for your quilt. Remember that they should be clothing items that you don't mind cutting into squares eventually (don't worry, that part doesn't come until next week).

At first I was a little wary about cutting up some of Jak's clothes, especially the onesie he came home from the hospital in, but I realized that I wasn't going to be doing anything else with it and it would be put to much better use incorporated into the quilt.

In total, you will need between 35-40 clothing items for your quilt. These can be anything from pants to dresses. One parent even had me use her daughter's first school bag (it was machine washable and made of cotton fabric) in her quilt! Possible items that you may want to use-sweaters, dresses, scraps of a lovie blanket, scraps from clothing you have sewn for your child, pants, onesies, shirts, jackets, nightgowns, sleepers, Halloween costumes

When choosing clothing I would stay away from the following things:
  • anything scratchy-this is blanket after all
  • anything NOT machine washable. This quilt may turn into your child's favorite blanket and you don't want to have it fall apart after the first wash
  • any kind of tulle or chiffon fabric-difficult to cut into squares and sew into the quilt
  • big coats-the thickness will make it difficult to sew
As a general rule, I'd try to keep with normal clothing items that your child wore-these will usually follow all of the guidelines above.

Once you collect your clothes, you'll need to start gathering your supplies for Week Two.

You'll need:
  1. Rotary cutter and mat-you can buy these at Joanns for pretty cheap with a coupon
  2. A straight edge-a metal or plastic ruler (not a measuring tape) will work fine for this. If you want to buy an actual straight edge, they also sell these at Joanns and other craft/sewing stores
  3. 1 yard of solid flannel or cotton for filler squares (squares that are not from clothing) WASH YOUR FABRIC BE

  4. --if you are going to use flannel, be aware that flannel tends to bleed color despite several washings-I learned this the hard way. In my opinion, you should only use white if you are going to use flannel. I like the flannel because it is soft.
    --you may want to use a colored solid cotton if a lot of the clothing in your quilt is white. It will also bleed, but won't usually bleed after one washing.
    --I wouldn't recommend using a patterned cotton fabric for the filler squares. It tends to become too busy looking. You'll have a chance to add fabric with some personality when we get to the backing of the quilt.

    Here is an example of each-red cotton fabricwhite flannel
Please let me know if you have any questions as you get started collecting clothing. Post them in the comments section below-chances are other people will be wondering the same thing!!

Week Two Instructions here.

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Melissa said...

Here's my question... what's nest exactly becuase I am gonna try and do one for Allison and Carter at the same time (2 seperate quilts) so I need to get started cutting :) You can email me also.

Cerise said...

I've been putting away special outfits of my 22 month old for exactly this project! Just wish I had enough collected. :o/

Covey and Justin said...

So fun!!
I am waiting until Kindergarten so I can put the stuff in from all five years since I've only saved one or two outfits from each size. I have bookmarked the post though so I can come back and follow the instructions.

Tara @ Feels like home said...

I have WAY TOO MUCH stuff for my quilt. I'm going through the (huge) box I've saved with a quilt in mind now to try to pare down to a manageable number.

Tara @ Feels like home said...

... after taking out every piece I could bear to part with, I have 72 items. Hm.

Laura said...

I have been saving stuff for both of my children for this project. I have several other things in the works first, but I will bookmark and follow along to see what to do when the time comes! Thanks!

RaisingCropsAndBabies said...

Tara- you could make one for your child and one for you to cuddle with when you are older and want to remember when the babies were small... that's what I'm planning on doing... sniff, sniff, tear, tear

bethany said...

Tara-Raisingcrops has a really great idea to make two-I've done that for a couple of customers before. I make a 20"x 20" for the mom and the bigger one for the child, or you could make the bigger one for you and a lovie size for the kid!!

Tara @ Feels like home said...

I've planned out a queen-sized quilt, so we'll see what I have left over. I'm not sure who will get it - my daughter or me! :)

dabv said...

Hi, has week 1 directions been posted? ad if so can someone help me find the link or page. Can not wait to get started

dabv said...

Hi, meant Week 2 direction - have they been posted yet and here? thanks

bethany said...

Yes, I posted them today! I've changed up the button so that if you click on it, you'll get all of the weeks of instructions. Just click on it (on the sidebar) and you'll see everything that has been posted about the quilt along!! Thanks!

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