Monday, August 23, 2010

A leafy goal

I eat a lot and I exercise a little. And by little I mean I walk around Target pushing a cart full of clearance items and two screaming children at an extremely fast pace. That's about the extent of my exercise.

But I am determined to turn over a new leaf.

My new leaf looks a lot like a gym pass. Along with a tiny house, we also moved into an area with a cheap recreation center nearby. My excuses in the past regarding exercise have been A)the nearest gym was out of our budget and B)Jakson likes to have meltdowns when I leave him (remember that little diagnosis of separation anxiety?). And since running on a treadmill with a child attached to one leg wasn't exactly an option, I tended to opt out altogether. Now Jak will be attending school three times a week, leaving me with three less excuses. And about 40 extra pounds to lose.

So, I am going to give it a go. I used my pass for the first time today and am shockingly out of shape. Target doesn't do much for your heart rate apparently. I also stepped on the scale (after making sure no one was spying over my shoulder) and, well, let's just say my metabolism doesn't seem to be working as well as it used to.

I'm hoping to keep up the exercise momentum and dust off (literally) the Tae-bo VHS tapes tomorrow (no school for Jak on Tues). I'll be sure to keep the blinds closed so as not to scare my new neighbors.

I don't think you'll see me running a marathon anytime soon, especially since that sounds as fun as taking a road trip with Storey (which is worse than getting poked in the eye with a needle), but someday I'm hoping to be able to jog a mile without stopping for a Twinkie break or two.


Please note: In my PJ (pre-Jak) days, I could not only run a mile without stopping for a Twinkie, I could run circles around the Twinkie and then eat said Twinkie without gaining one ounce. Just wanted to clarify that I used to be fit. I have "let myself go" as they say.... Darn kids.


Lisa said...

I need to get my butt in gear too. Maybe you'll inspire me!

*katie said...

Dangit! Target doesn't count? I'm there enough...I'm so ready to start exercising--I've got all sorts of dvd's (jillian michaels, p90x, pilates, biggest loser), but this dang mastitis thing is holding me back! Dr's appt today though:) yay!!

Melissa said...

Nice Bethy, I need to jump on that wagon with you. School starts in two weeks!! I can't wait!

Anne said...

Good luck, I'm cheering you on. I hate to go to the gym every single time, but by the time I'm half way through, I'm thinking its not so bad. Getting out the door is the hardest part.

Lori said...

My Jack's birth tended to have the same effect on me:) I have started a zumba class three times a week at my church which is FREE - YAY!! If they offer that at your rec center, I highly recommend it!! I hate working out and exercise but have found this to actually be enjoyable! Lots of luck!

sewdelightful said...

I am trying to get back to working out too, kinda took a break over the summer...too many kids home! :) I started running and actually really like it...which is weird cause I never thought I would!

Sassy Sites! said...

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JENNY said...

oh my holy crap... you are stinkin hilarous!!!!!! I'll be laughing about that one all day!

Thanks for that!... and frankly... who cares! eat, drink and be merry!

Well, something like that anyway!

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