Friday, August 27, 2010

I've been thinking....

Why do we have a child that doesn't deal with change well (i.e. stays up until 1AM or later every night for three months after moving into a new home) when it seems we are doomed to move at least twice a year?

Why do I feel LESS healthy since I've started exercising again?

More importantly, why am I suddenly having trouble sleeping? Is this normal?

Why did Jakson decide at midnight to scream for 45 minutes straight because "water parks are scary" (???)?

Why haven't I lost any weight yet? Seriously, it's been like a whole week.

Why do my children begin fighting to the death every.single.time I'm trying to have a conversation on the phone?

Why can't I come up with some sort of discipline tactic that is actually effective?

Why is Storey so dang loud? Or rather, what did I do to deserve this?

If my neighbors are going to smell up my house with their cooking, can't they make something that smells good? Does anyone else with a townhome/apartment have this neighbor-stench problem?

When will life EVER calm down?

Life's mysteries.....


Shenna said...

Your kids fight like crazy when you're on the phone because its more enjoyable for them to stand outside of a locked door, banging and screaming for you to open it up, more than they enjoy playing and being happy. At least that's what I've concluded with mine. Fun times.

mikbeth said...

It's every time I get on the phone or go to the bathroom. It never fails! Kids sort of have this sense of "mommy's trying to have time to herself, let's get her attention back!"

Covey and Justin said...

The phone thing is universal--it drives me nuts too. Sorry you are feeling so frustrated. Praying Jackson adjusts quickly and you all can get some rest. Sleep deprivation can really take a toll on your positive attitude.

*katie said...

So many thoughts to be thinking! We lived in a 2nd floor apt when we were first married and the lady must have dated a smoker for a while...we could never leave our windows open! Or if we did, at the first hint of stenchy smoke we had to book it to the windows and close them up fast!!

Lori said...

I'm with you on the water park thing. By that I mean, why does Jack get scared of the cup he saw at church on Thursday night as we're going to bed??? Makes no logical sense but it is the life we're living. I could add so many more questions to your list:)

By the way, LOVING ABA - I'll have to send you an email soon about all we've learned and done!

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