Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday Girl

Storey in her "pink" hat.

Storey kind of got the shaft this year for her birthday. We were in the midst of moving and I didn't even have time to hang up the birthday bunting.
Poor Storey.

Don't feel too bad for her though because the she still had the best parts of any birthday celebration-pink, princesses, and Pooh Bear.
Storey was excited about her new trike, complete with storage for all of her presents.

Storey at age 2:
  • talks NON STOP. As in all.the.dang.time. Definitely a blessing and a curse (and such a switch from Jakson)
  • loves He-Hore (Eeyore) and Pooh Bear
  • has a crush on her dentist.
  • suffers from a seriously wicked lisp
  • is our own, personal parrot
  • loves pink, but, much to my utter happiness, believes that the color red is actually pink (hence her "pink" hat at the top of this post). I have yet to correct her. Does this constitute as child abuse?
  • has two volumes-loud and extra loud. She has absolutely no whisper voice. I blame this solely on Zak's sister Suzy.
  • chatters constantly (such a predominant personality trait, it deserves to be mentioned more than once)
  • continues to suck her fingers and rub her face with monkey's tail to self soothe.
  • only has two front bottom teeth. It's very beaver-esque.
  • talks to everyone-very charming when she wants to be
  • loves to sleep-the only time she is not talking
  • makes up songs and sings to herself (this trait I blame on her aunt Katy-it's very cute until the volume becomes unbearable)
  • obsessed with everything her brother does-he is her idol
  • can correctly name at least 10 different dinosaurs (see above)
  • her favorite food (according to her) is cheese and her favorite movie is "Disneyland" (an old VHS Disney sing-a-long songs video my mom gave her that is taped on the rides at Disneyland--the songs are annoying and unfortunately, very catchy)
  • is very bossy (as evidenced below-she's yelling at me to "sit down!")


Amanda said...

Happy birthday, Storey! She is so darling, Beth.

Melissa said...

YEAH!!! I have been waiting for these pics!! She is soooo cute!!!

Shenna said...

Happy birthday!! I can't believe how big she is getting!!

Clyde J Criddle said...

We are glad that Storey is a member of the family!

Suzy said...

Happy Birthday, Storey. Ok, kinda weird reading about her aunts since my name is Suzy (same spelling) and my sister is named Katy (same spelling). Storey sounds delightful, BTW.

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