Friday, July 09, 2010

Numbered Randomness

A whole bunch of unrelated items on a Friday afternoon.

  1. For those of you who are unaware (probably most of you), Storey's 2nd birthday is just around the corner. We've been planning to get her a little trike for quite awhile (you guessed it. We only have one and the "mine" fights over it are giving me a headache).

    A pink trike.
    Because Storey, "The Diva", must have pink.

    So, when (you can buy ANYTHING on this site. From a bed to a baby bouncer) contacted me about doing a review of one of their products, I jumped at the chance because look at this trike.... So disgustingly girlie that I think I might puke on myself (how does a non-pink mom end up with a girl like Storey?). But Storey will think it's pink perfection.

    And Jakson won't want to ride it.
    No more "mine"!!

  2. I have a little addiction to creating blogs. About a year ago, started the Make Along blog as a list of things on my crafty "to do" list, but it's been neglected for the past few months. I've been finding so many great tutorials lately, that I have been making an effort to post again. Man, people on the internets are talented. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

  3. Speaking of blogs, my friend (and fellow Etsy shop owner) Sabrina has started a fabulous new blog to promote her new sewing pattern shop. Tutorials, guest posts, sewing tips, giveaways....this blog is a must read (especially since I'll be hosting a giveaway and sharing a fun tutorial at the end of the month!!). Head over to enter the giveaway she has going on right now.

  4. I bought a jogging stroller this week off of KSL (think Craigslist to you non-Utahns, which come to think of it, is most of you). Not because I was actually going to jog (duh), but because I like to take walks with the kids and the miniature wheels on our double stroller just weren't cutting it. The thing got stuck going up the 1 inch curb on our driveway. Almost as annoying as children shouting "my beep! beep!".

    But back to the stroller.
    So, I got it out of the car to use it for the first time today only to find that the front swivel wheel is totally busted. Instead of staying upright, it buckles under the stroller making it impossible to push. I don't think we noticed when we went to pick it up because it doesn't happen without the weight of the children.

    How am I ever going to not-jog without a jogging stroller?

  5. I'm getting ready to put together Storey's baby clothes quilt and I'm wondering, would anyone like to quilt along with me? It's an easy enough project that a beginner could follow along. You've seen this before---every other day or once a week a tutorial is posted for that days' assignment and when the tutorial is finished, you have a completed project. Anyone up for such a thing? You can see examples of the quilt here, here, and here.

  6. If you live in the area and want to shop this weekend, our neighborhood is having a garage sale (and we are participating) tomorrow morning starting at 8! Email me if you need directions... bethanycr(at)gmail(dot)com.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Melissa said...

Beth - you must have forgotten that Storey is related to Katy - and for that matter, me - I look great in pink!! :)

Seth and Peggy said...

We have a trike similar to that one (only red) and it is great. I'm sure she'll love it. And she probably loves pink because you deprived her of it the first year. :)

Christina said...

Bookmarked Make Along. I've been using my blog in a similar matter so I can find that tutorial I loved.

Connie said...

I SO would love to make a baby clothes quilt for each of my kids, or for myself. :) Please keep me up dated on how you're doing this. I've never made a quilt, but would love to give it a try! :)

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