Thursday, July 08, 2010

And she thinks I'm crazy?

This afternoon, in preparation for a garage sale on Saturday, I pulled down all of the kids' clothing bins looking for purgable items. They are all stacked neatly, labeled at the top of the closet in Storey's room. Or should I say, the closet that IS currently Storey's room.

My parents came to visit in April and Storey has insisted on sleeping in the closet, in a Pack 'n Play (seriously, how uncomfortable must those mattresses/wooden mats be?) ever since. I think she is shunning her crib because it is painted red and not hot pink. For sure she's the next Whitney Houston-diva all the way. Has anyone figured out what the heck did I do to deserve this?!?

Anyway, so I was getting the bins down and am not as tall as I used to be/thought I was, didn't have a great grip on the tower I was attempting to carry and they all came crashing down right into Storey's bed. Don't worry there was no sleeping baby in the bed at the time. What kind of mother do you think I am?!?

A couple of the bins burst open and I quickly scooped up the clothes/shoes/burp cloths and tossed them into the adjoining room. Then I went through all of the clothing, getting rid of things I didn't absolutely LOVE, organized the keepers back into the bins and had Zak put them all back. I noticed a couple of shoes were missing, but figured that I would find them eventually and that was that. End of story, right?


Fast forward to this evening.
About 5 minutes after laying Storey down for bed, she started screaming bloody murder. Like death had come and she needed saving. And she's my good sleeper. So I ran upstairs, threw open the bedroom door, rushed to the closet and there she was, tears rolling down her red cheeks holding out a pink checkered infant shoe. Um....

I took the shoe, sang her a couple of lines to a song, and left the room.

Ten minutes later, Storey was screaming again. Impossibly it seemed louder than before and I thought, "Oh, that's where that Mary Jane shoe went." I went up, a little less anxious this time, took the shoe, scoured her bed for any other miscreant footwear that might be lurking, sang her a couple of lines, and went back downstairs confident that all was well and she would fall asleep.

Not five minutes later, I heard her shrieking again. Even louder. Maybe she'd fallen out of her bed? I rush in and find her holding out a 3 inch tall finger puppet that must have been on the shelf when the bins fell down. And I lost it--it was just so ridiculously funny. Storey looked at me like I was crazy (hello pot, I'm kettle) and toddled over to her pillow to lay down.

Laughing, I bent down to kiss her goodnight.

Hmmm...she smells like pineapples.


Melissa said...

You are one good mommy! Storey is absolutely halarious :) She's goning ot be an interesting teen!

Sabrina said...

Okay, that is hillarious! Good Luck with the garage sale. We are doing that next weekend...

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