Wednesday, June 09, 2010


At this rate, Jakson will be the only 6 year old in the history of mankind to wear dentures.

After:Moral of the story-don't jump out of a windowsill onto your teeth.

His new smile makes me want to cry. And vomit a little.

When Zak saw Jakson smile for the first time after losing his teeth, he started laughing and said that Jak looks exactly like an old man he knew in Arkansas.

Well, that's just great.


jacs said...

Oh no! Fortunately, he is still a cute little guy either way. :) Are those his adult teeth that got knocked out? Poor Mama.

About a year ago, a little girl fell on top of my then 3-year old. It literally snapped her two front bottom teeth in half. It's not as dramatic as it would be with the top teeth, but I was still traumatized for a few weeks. Of course, she was fine.

Covey and Justin said...

Wow! I read about him knocking thme out on FB but seeing it is a different story. Looks like he was a trooper though and is over it. I baby sat for a little boy who knocked his out at age two (he had seizures and lost them during one) and they grew adult teeth just fine around age six. The ttohless grin will grow on you I am sure.

Amanda said...

He is still so cute though! I'm really sorry this happened.

Cheryl said...

Poor guy! I think he looks cute! Cambrie didn't knock hers out but she has been missing her 2 front teeth for a year now. She recently lost her side tooth and her other side tooth is about to fall out in the next day or two. So she will be missing 4 top teeth. Makes it hard to eat... :)

hillari said...

Poor thing. I bet he could get a job as a carnie though. I hope he calms down a little once his adult teeth come in though!!

KatieB said...

he is still darling. i know lots of little kids who have knocked out their teeth, so he is not alone. at least they were baby teeth!

Spjut Family said...

Poor kid.. can you get a replacent tooth until the adult tooth grows in?

mikbeth said...

Mike lost his two front teeth at the age of two (due to a sibling falling on his head) and of course didn't get any back until he was seven. Jackson is still cute and will probably develop into a normal well adjusted person... probably. :)

Jared Austin said...

Sorry about the teeth! That is something I dread happening to my boys but hey at least it was the baby teeth. Jared knocked out his two front adult teeth in middle school by running into a stopped car with his bike on the way home from school. Now he has two fake front teeth. I thought that might make you feel better :).

Jackson still looks adorable...can't change the fact that he is one cute kid with or without teeth.

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