Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Phew. I am so glad that madness is over.

First of all, I am very grateful to everyone who voted, emailed friends, and spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. I could not have gotten votes without you guys.
In the end, I didn't win an iPad (darn, now I won't be able to buy one of these), but I did win an iPod , which is still a very cool prize (I think. I've never actually seen one, but it SOUNDS cool).

Thank you again! You guys are awesome!

The contest was drama up until the final moments.
Tiffany (the winner of the iPad-she totally deserved it by the way, SHE MADE FLYERS to get people to vote for her. That's hard core.) and I banded together to find out the truth about the competitor we suspecting of cheating (he was winning when the contest closed).
Thankfully, in the end, the saying "cheaters never prosper" held true and he was disqualified.

When I say the end, I mean the VERY end.
They were tallying the votes and still deciding if he should remain.
The powers that be finally figured out what we had discovered days ago. He was using junk emails and Twitter accounts to vote for himself over and over again.
Not cool.

Just in case you are thinking about entering this week, let me give you the honest truth.
If Tiffany and I had to do it all over again (we talked about this in the wee hours of the morning), neither of us would. It was EXTREMELY stressful, took an ENORMOUS amount of work, and made us sort of hate ourselves. I'm just telling you this, my friends, because I want you to know what you are getting yourselves into before you take the plunge.

For one thing, the voting system makes it difficult to vote, so many people don't (even if you do offer a giveaway).
An example: I had over 1200 hits on my blog yesterday (on a normal day during the contest, hits were between 300-500) and still only 70 people voted and entered the giveaway. That's because you have to give information, fill out a form, link to your Facebook....it takes a lot of time and many people don't like to sign up for a random website.

And that's only one of the problems that we came across.
Do yourself a favor. Save the time you would have spent on it and if you really want an iPad that bad, go out and buy one.
Tiffany actually commented that if someone promised that she would win an iPad at the end of the week, she wouldn't enter it again.
Take our advice or leave it, I'm just throwing it out there.

Enough of that. Now for what you really want to know. The winner of the not even 24 hour grand giveaway is...CONGRATULATIONS!!
I'll be contacting you to get information.
Thanks again to everyone who voted and spread the word!

If you voted and wanted a pattern but have not received it yet, will you let me know?

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
Thank goodness.


hillari said...

Glad you got something. That iMaxi is pretty hilarious, though!

Megan said...

That is so lame that the guy voted for himself!!! I am glad they finally became enlightened and disqualified him from the contest!! Have fun with your iPod Touch!

deborah said...

Bummer no iMaxi; which BTW I have connections to the chick who makes them. You know the guy cheated, his picture was lame...

Amanda said...

It makes sense that that guy was cheating because I could not figure out how that picture was getting votes! I'm glad you got an ipod at least. Enjoy!

Christina said...

You'll enjoy the iPod. Glad you won something. I was about to upload my own picture but I'll take your advice and skip the stress. But here's a link to the photo I was going to enter ... http://fastfoodsandfriends.blogspot.com/2010/03/joseph-v-green-beans.html

priti said...

I had voted for your daughter but forgot to add which pattern I wanted:)
can you please send me the pattern for reversible pouch sling pattern
at pyshirname@rediffmail.com
thank you

Spjut Family said...

wow, who would have thought of cheating your way to victory. I'm with you, I hate these types of things, but I did vote for ya. Glad you go something.

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