Friday, June 11, 2010

Favorites on Friday

Five of the tutorials that I've got on my massive to do list.

1. The Warhol Dress-the newest addition to my list. My favorite part? It's made from a man's t-shirt. We all know I love me an upcycle project.

2. Mrs. V's Toddler BackpackThe perfect thing to start Jakson's next year of preschool. A dino backpack maybe?

3. Retro Ruffle Pillowcase Dress-another upcycle project.This one kind of reminds me of Storey's Easter dress made from a man's dress shirt.
4. Perfect for Father's Day-a shirt cuff walletI've made wallets out of neckties in the past, but never a shirt cuff. I'm kind of in love.

5. Have you seen the Make It, Wear It challenge going on at Sew Mama Sew? So many fantastic entries. So far, I think my favorite it this dress made from this Burda pattern. I'm also in love with this one.

If only there were more hours in the day.


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