Friday, June 04, 2010

Favorites on Friday

I'm bringing back Favorites on Friday after a long hiatus. Like I said before, it helps me focus (even for a few minutes) on less depressing things than the piles of laundry that need to be washed or the fat jeans that are getting a bit too tight.

1. My favorite photo taken this week. It looks more like a bitter beer face, but when you say "grumpy face", Storey pulls this expression. Classic.
2. Though I do like making my own on the stove, this is the best popcorn ever. Hands down.
3. Have you seen the alphabet prints at Olives on a String? I own one of each. Can you guess which one was made especially for Jak, the future paleontologist?A steal at only 6 bucks. Pair that with a deal at Artscow and you've got yourself some cool (inexpensive) new wall art!

4. I am totally in love with this quilt. I need to make one. Maybe a twin sized that says "Eat, Sleep, Read" for me?

Photo courtesy of

5. It's finally warming up here in Utah. Hasn't snowed for two weeks! Time to play outside and wear flip flops!!


West Family said...

Love your favorites...especially Storey's grumpy face!
You can always come down here and play...we are in the 90s already. Supposed to hit over 100 sometime this week. (actually just enjoy your spring time! we skipped it completely!)

[AnnieR] said...

U R the bomb . com

Lisa said...

LOVE your favorites!

Spjut Family said...

Love the grumpy face. Classic!!

Melissa said...

This is one of the reasons I love this girl. . . (other than she is my niece). . . TOTAL PERSONALITY!!! Can't wait to see her and Jak again - and of course her parents

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